A Few Words About DFW Turfgrass Science LLC

The Founder of DFW Turfgrass Science LLC is Dennis Zedrick.

From the time he was five, Dennis spent most of his childhood working on various golf courses and farms in Kansas. Whether it was changing cups, picking the driving range, mowing fairways, building greens, spreading fertilizer, fixing broken equipment, plowing, driving tractors, planting seed, fixing fences, or running combines, he did it.

After high school, he obtained a degree in Turfgrass Science and Golf Course Management.

A few years after graduation, Dennis was a little burnt out from all the manual labor. He decided to spend the next 20 years traveling the world doing turnarounds, litigation management, and start-up work for a company named after his father, Z-Acquisition Group LLC.  

Covid changed the world for so many, including Dennis. In 2020, he sought a slower pace of life to raise his two young children in Frisco, TX, which naturally cycled him back to his roots in the horticulture industry. He still does some litigation management and consulting work during slow periods, but his primary focus is providing lawn "turnarounds" for Texas property owners struggling with soil and disease issues.