Landscape Lawn Consultant near Central & North Texas

Typically, MDU and HOA commercial property managers are looking for horticulture consulting or landscape consultants to help them fix problems with their landscape's overall aesthetics or help guide them in the review and vetting process when hiring their next weekly commercial lawn care service.

Grass Lawn Expert & Lawn Specialists Near Me

Residential homeowners usually don't search for landscape consulting or a lawn consultant on Google. They typically search for a Lawn Expert or Lawn Specialists near their home. And they usually don't start a search like this until things have gotten really bad with their lawn, or they failed with new sod installation 2-3X. Usually, it is a brown, dying, thinning, or fungus disease-related problem that they have tried to solve for several years while hiring a few jack-of-all-trade "yard guys" to try and figure it out.

At DFW Turfgrass Science, our Director has a Golf Course Managment & Turfgrass Science degree. And while we know degrees don't count as much as work experience, we also have that covered. Our Director spent his early childhood years splitting time working at his mother's farm, and at the various golf courses his dad was a superintendent at in Kansas.  That said, he has spent the last 25+ years living in Central & North Texas, learning the unique challenges we have with our clay soils, rock, fire ants, disease, chinch bugs, irrigation coverage problems, and blast-furnace summer heat. You can read more about our Director here: About - DFW Turfgrass Science LLC.

Our residential lawn consultant packages include the following services:

#1 Sun vs. Shade Evaluation - including neighbors' homes, privacy fences, trees, and dense shade vs. full vs filtered.

#2 Drainage Evaluation.

#3 Irrigation Coverage Evaluation - looking for improper coverage overlap between heads, clogged nozzles, length of irrigation needed per week, etc.

#4 Inspection of the Turfgrass, Soil & Mowing Height. 

#5 Professional Soil Testing - pull soil cores and send them to the soil lab at LSU, Texas A&M, or Oklahoma State. Testing is done for N-P-K, PH, and all micronutrients. 

#6 Professional Disease Testing - pull rhizomes, roots, and stolons. Send them to a separate disease testing lab for growth and evaluation. Further, they use a microscope and also biopsy the plant material to determine the exact diseases you have (as, just like with various illnesses people get, there is not one antibiotic/shot/vaccine that cures it all).

For horticulture and landscape consulting projects at MDU and HOA commercial properties, we will travel approximately 250 miles from DFW as part of our commercial landscape consultant services.

For residential lawn consultant or landscape consultant services near Dallas, we will travel approximately 30-45 miles from Plano, TX.

When you are ready to fix the root of the problems with your lawn and turfgrass, including drainage, disease, irrigation coverage, sunlight deficiency, overgrown tree shade, soil deficiency, or turfgrass-related problems, you have found one of the best problem-solving lawn specialist, turfgrass consultants in the southwest.

Please visit our Contact Us page if you are interested in scheduling us to visit your property: Contact - DFW Turfgrass Science LLC.