Why is my Lawn Grass Brown Dying in North-Central Texas

Turfgrass does not die of old age. And barring your neighbor having a vendetta against you and coming out in the middle of the night to spray Roundup on your fall lawn, there are only four reasonsĀ why your grass turns brown, gets thin, and/or dies in central or North Texas:

why my lawn grass brown dying north central Texas TX

Why is my Grass Brown & Dying in Texas

So before buying some cheap Bermuda or Zoysia sod and throwing it down on top of your already brown lawn grass, of which I have seen thousands (literally) of uninformed, impatient homeowners do, you need to fix the root cause of the problem; of which the root cause of the problem is usually 2-3 of the turfgrass problems listed in the pie graph:

Everyone has heard the old saying, "You can't see the forest because of the trees." And while we believe strongly in soil testing services (which would be like diving into the tree roots at this stage in problem evaluation), you need a certified turfgrass or lawn consultant to give you a 30,000 ft view of the forest before diving down into the deep details of the various problems.

Once all of your underlying problems are fixed, you may only need 10-30% of the sod replacement service you thought you might need, as most of the turfgrass will generally heal over once the problems are fixed. Then you can either plug the troubled areas or hire a reputable sod installation service near me, to properly level and till the areas that still need sod replacement.

If you cannot figure out why the lawn is dying or why the grass is brown, please visit our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment: Contact - DFW Turfgrass Science LLC.

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